“I hope you don't mind me asking, but you have that whole Master List for the mods and you seem to know a bit about them. I've been having a problem with this one save, every time I go into it, my sim's have freakishly long chins. I thought it was just a problem my sliders, but when I went into another save, the chins were just fine? So I was just wondering if you might know what is causing this and if you'd be able to help? Thank you<33”


Yeah, I went through this problem a long time ago. And I know other people had it too, and none found a specific cause and solution that I know of. So sadly, if you didn’t save that sim in CAS or to the family bin, you will have to remake the sim. I had to remake a sim 4 times, so imagine my frustration…
At some point later on it seems I did fix the problem because that never happened again. But I still don’t know exactly what was the cause, which is why now I’m a CC control freak.. o_o
So I’ll give you a list with possible causes.

  • Your game has to be always updated to the latest patch, and your mods need to match that patch always.
  • I also recommend avoiding unnecessary mods. You don’t need 20-30 mods, or more.
  • Sometimes you can have two mods that are incompatible, or the same mod installed twice. If you merge packages, these things can happen.
  • Sims 2 content, since it’s also in package format. You don’t want it in your game.
  • Corrupted content.

 Use Delphy’s Dashboard, but read this first.

The good news is, although this won’t bring those sims you might (or not) have lost, there are two solutions if something similar happens again.

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“hi sorry if this is a dumb question (or if you already answered it) but where did you find the trait pictures in your sidebar? again sorry i've just been looking for some for my simblr blog and i can't seem to find any on google and i saw that you had some and was wondering if you remembered when you got them or if you made them yourself or w/e!! ahh sorry /.\”


My answer might be disappointing, but that’s actually how I got them, using Google.
Now, I’m not making fun of you or anything like that, but just go to Google, write “sims 3 traits icons" and go to Images search, not Web search. Once you click on one or two of the icons and visit their pages, you’re probably going to find the rest of the traits, because all those images come from sims sites. That’s how I usually find everything, through Images search.

“entonces sos Uruguaya, te gusta el k-pop y jugas a los sims. Ya no me siento tan sola :D”


Exactamente, hay gente así en nuestro país. :D

destructobeck replied to your post: meandthewinter said:Random, but d…

AHHH! I’m a YG Stan and I like Spica too :) I don’t listen to much else bc I don’t think I would have the energy to stan so many groups haha. Did you watch Shut Up Flower Boy Band? idk i liked it, probably bc the drummer is gorgeous :D

I don’t like to include myself into fandoms, I mean, I don’t go crazy over them. Don’t join forums or search their pictures, or anything like that. But yes, I have a preference for YG artists in general, because they put less emphasis on looks and they care more about the quality of their music, MVs, fashion. And the most important thing, an artist’s individual growth.
As for the drama, lol. No, I didn’t watch it precisely because the drama’s name includes the two words that I dislike: Flower Boy

“What's your name on Tera? (if you don't mind me asking ._.)”


Ginwa - Hele - Dael - Zamah
I don’t mind but I’m really not planning to play Tera. Unless you send me a message to coordinate a day that you would like to play with me. But, you would need to have a character level 60, or between level 47-45, otherwise we can’t really play together. :/

“Random, but do you like b1a4? their Solo Day was amazing x'3 ah, sorry for asking this, I just need some conversations with other simblrs >w<”


I love getting k-pop related questions, cuz I rarely get them.
I don’t listen to B1A4 often to be honest, I like some of their main songs, like “Beautiful Target”, “What’s Happening?” and “Solo Day” yes, but that’s pretty much it.
I like k-pop in general but I tend to avoid the “flower boy” type of groups, or those with very young members, because their songs and concepts are just too cheesy for me to handle. Same reason why I avoid most idol dramas. Boys Over Flowers was one of the most traumatic experiences I had in my life. =͟͟͞͞ =͟͟͞͞ ヘ( ´Д`)ノ

[Keep reading if you want to know my favorite k-pop groups/solos]

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Yep, uploading a sim as I haven’t done it in a very long time, and this time is one of the sims I play with which is rare.
April is not exactly the prettiest sim but she wasn’t meant to be it either. 
Anyway, before you go straight to the download button, make sure to READ all you need and look at the comparison pic between my sim and a normal townie, so you don’t get a big surprise later.



Last time I shared sims, some people experienced some problems with s-club eyelashes, so this time I saved the sim without them. If you use them, just add them to the sim in CAS and the sliders are already adjusted to fit her eyes perfectly.
If you want to modify her, your will need all the sliders listed on my master list except the ones I said gave me problems (and the ones for pets, duh!), plus Nraas’ Master Controller, with the facial sliders set to 3.

Other than that, my terms of use are very simple, don’t use my sim as a base to make a sim that you’re going to upload. That’s cheap. And don’t re-upload my sim or claim it as your own, cuz that’s even worst.

(only .sim file, don’t ask for sims3pack)

julykapo replied to your post: "You won’t fool me again, human.I won…

el perro es re lindo! y el pelo de ella es hermoso, de donde es? gracias! <3

Jajaja, si, la posición del perro me hizo pensar en mis propios perros cuando los quiero llevar al veterinario. XD
El pelo es de Wings.

plumbponette replied to your post: “You won’t fool me again, human.I won…

~frames this~ huhuhuh it’s so cute

Awe, thank you. Glad you like it so much. <3

"You won&#8217;t fool me again, human.I won&#8217;t go to that place ever again!&#8221;

"You won’t fool me again, human.
I won’t go to that place ever again!”

Sos tan genial.

Pero mira lo que me decís, como contesto esto? ヽ(≧ω≦)ノ
Si soy genial es porque mis padres me educaron bien. Soy horrible para los cumplidos che, jajaj, pero gracias. :)

And then we say humans are smarter than animals, I actually have my doubts since we keep making the same mistakes over and over again. I’m talking in general here.
But take social media for example, some people still don’t realize, that whatever you say in any type of SMS, like it or not is exposed to opinions that can agree, disagree, and depending on the subject, if you don’t have any tact, it can get pretty ugly.
And you know what’s the worst part about the internet? That once something is on the net, even if you delete it, someone else already reblogged it, retweeted it, shared it, and took sceencaps of it. Anything bad always spreads like wildfire, and it’s going to come back to you even worst.

So kids, before you think you have something “interesting” to share and decide to do it on an SMS site as if it was your Dear Diary. Think about it twice, have some tact, use that thing you have inside your skull, and I’m not talking about snut. Because words can be more painful and hurt someone a lot more than what you think.

“Hi! Are you going to post any more retextures? Yours are the best (:”


I appreciate very much that you like them, but the whole point of sharing the textures is because I had no plans to keep retexturing.
Now I’m not saying I won’t be doing it ever again, because I already did Nightcrawler 23. If I do find hairs that I like and I do for myself and I think they look good enough for sharing, then I will share them.

Now I’m speaking in general, if you’re following me, only expecting to get retextures every week, then you’re going to be very disappointed.
I have messages that have been accumulating from the past 2-3 months from people who only ask about retextures. Please, stop.

“Thank GOD I'm not the only one who doesn't love The Sims 4! My sister and mom seem to adore it, and so many let's players, but to me it seems like glorified sims 2. I'm keeping the sims 3, definitely. The good part about the sims 4 being released is that the sims 3 expansions will go down in price, haha!”


You said it, so far it just seems like an improved Sims 2. Better graphics, better CAS and building systems. Minus the toodlers because there wasn’t enough time. The most important thing about the sims 4 was something that no other game has. Wait for it…E M O T I O N S!

[Starting from here don’t keep reading if you’re one of those sims 4 fans who gets too defensive and emotional about the subject!]

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“What is the name of the hair in this post post/92786284383/well-im-officially-back-but-you-need-to-grab-my”


I can do something better and give you the link instead?

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